Linksys Wifi Extender Setup RE6300

For that you will have to open the Extender Linksys Setup Page. There are two options of doing that. Setup with any WPS compatible Router or the other way you can do it is by going on Linksys setup page at . Now, both of these ways offers easy set up procedure and you can go ahead with any one of them.

Let us go with the WPS method first and see how we can do linksys wifi extender setup re6300 using that method:

  1. First you have to the WPS button on the router which is mostly found on the on the back side of the Router.
  2. Now, the seconds step is to press on that WPS on the router and then within 2 minutes of the same press it on the Linksys Extender.
  3. In the third step, the WPS light on the router gets solid which means a successful Connection has been established between the router and your Linksys extender.

You have now successfully completed Linksys Extender Setup RE6300.

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