How to Setup Linksys Extender RE9000

The Linksys RE9000 Extender helps getting rid of Wi-Fi dead zones and make sure you get a good Wi-Fi range across a huge area and almost too every corner of your house. It even has a dual functionality feature where it can be set up as a wireless extender or an access point as well.

So, while you are at setting it up, make sure that you have the following things with you:

  • A computer system which can be connected to a wireless Wi-Fi.
  • The wireless network name and password.
  • Set the Linksys RE9000 extender on default mode by resetting it for 5 minutes.

Let us start the Linksys Extender Setup RE9000:

  • Connect your Linksys RE9000 Extender to the power source then wait till the light starts flashing orange which means it is turned on.
  • Now, on your computer connect to the Linksys wireless extender in the Wi-Fi network.
  • Once you are connected Linksys RE9000 Extender, enter extender.linksys.setup in the internet browser or you can even enter as the default IP address.
  • Then start the setup process and then select the wireless range extender option. It will automatically detect 5 GHz wireless network by default and start running.
  • Now, enter the network credentials which are the same as your wireless network then select next.
  • Now, you have to find the best place for your Linksys RE9000 setup for which you can use spot finder.
  • Now, change the password of your range extender rom default to whatever you want and save the settings.

Now, it will ask for your email ID to register the extender and once done select register and connect all your devices to the Linksys wireless extender.