Linksys Extender Setup RE6400

Once you have done the Linksys Re6400 range extender setup your network will not face any drops in connectivity and withstand against penetration losses. This also makes your Wi-Fi reach even the farthest corner of your space and offers stable, strong and fast connectivity to all the connected devices.

Linksys RE6400 setup Instructions :

  • First Put your Linksys RE64000 range extender on power and wait till the LED light gets stable.
  • Now, you need any device which is connected with your W-Fi network. On that device connect your Linksys RE6400 Wi-Fi range extender. The procedure for that is by selecting Linksys extender’s default network name which is Linksys Extender Setup-xxx and clicking on it.
  • Once you are connected to this network start the browser and there enter or use the default IP address and then hit search.
  • Now, click on Start Setup Bar to start Linksys wifi extender re6400 setup.
  • The setup page will appear where you will have to put in the administration password. Now, enter the network credentials which are the same as your wireless network then select next.
  • Now, you have to find the best place for your Linksys RE6400 range extender setup for which you can use spot finder.
  • Now, change the password of your range extender rom default to whatever you want and save the settings.
  • Now, the setup is done and all you need is to find the right place to plug in the extender. For that you can use a Spot Finder to show you the best place to plug in your Linksys re6400 and once you find that Place Linksys re6400 extender on that place away from all physical obstacles.